BusyGrad is a university social network built by grad students for grad students.
Our platform has two specific goals:
            1. Make grad life easier.
            2. Break down academic silos.
BusyGrad is a university social network for grad student professionals. Started in 2012 by a Johns Hopkins PhD, it’s designed to break down academic silos and create a stronger sense of community for students. Today, BusyGrad has more than 2,500 users from the Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland-Baltimore communities, and it’s growing rapidly.

All of these issues are addressed by BusyGrad. Resulting in a happy and more engaged student. And engaged students give back.
BusyGrad currently services Johns Hopkins and UMB.
From housing to dating, BusyGrad has you covered. You can use BusyGrad to...

Easily message the entire school, your program, your class, or individual students.

Collaborate with other students with an expertise you need using our expert finder.

Get recommendations for Baltimore's best happy hours.

Share a reagent with a click of a button.

Find your match in the singles match section of the grad roster.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Please get in touch with us at support@busygrad.com.